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    The Mom Project

    Reflecting the full potential of moms at work

    A job placement platform with a unique angle, The Mom Project represents a fresh vision—one that seeks to advance opportunities for working moms rather than downplay their potential. This two-sided talent platform was created to benefit both working moms and organizations looking to tap into this powerful and diverse workforce.

    At a time when it was impossible to ignore the rising tensions for working parents, The Mom Project approached us to help encapsulate the value in co-creating work environments that make space for the flex, the hybrid, the home, and everything in between.

    Traditionally, employers and employees are seen as opposite forces in this conversation, but how could we create a flexible, unifying language that resonates across both sides and avoids leaning into mom-centric tropes?

    It takes a collaborative effort to make workplaces better for moms. The logo design is a manifestation of such a supportive community, with connected arches leaning on each other. We further developed the identity system to better reflect the many dimensions of moms at work with an inclusive brand voice and photography that features real life depictions.

    photo of mom and child with tagline “In Good Companies.” on top
    billboard with photo of a mom next to headline “Moms are a force. A workforce.”
    stacks of business cards showcasing The Mom Project monogram

    ipad showcasing website homepage that read “We Help Moms and Companies Make Work Better Together”

    outdoor ad with images of moms that reads “where moms strive, businesses thrive”
    studio portrait of woman with The Mom Project monogram behind her head
    array of The Mom Project notebooks
    ipad showcasing website blog post that reads “Balancing life while working from home”
    green hat that says “Working Mom”
    laptop stickers of brand asset


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