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    Crafting a more inclusive approach to innovation

    Historically, the spirits category has shied away from socially charged topics, opting to frame the world through an escapist, carefree lens. Yet on the heels of a national conversation around race and systemic power, one of the world’s largest producers of spirits and beers decided to make a pivot that would transform its approach to innovation and nudge the industry in a more progressive direction. 

    We were enlisted to establish a new paradigm for innovation, centered around historically overlooked consumers who can inspire a whole new set of offerings.

    We developed a framework for an evergreen approach to product innovation that would open up a traditionally single-minded industry to resonate with an increasingly diverse audience.

    We validated our initial hypotheses by talking with real consumers, using their feedback to develop innovation territories that we could ideate against.

    We developed rich concepts anchored in the cultural truths that align with Black and Latinx consumers, but also have broad general market appeal.

    Each quadrant of the framework sets up a unique space in which to anchor inclusive innovation efforts.


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