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  • 02.20.2024

    York University students visit SYLVAIN’s NYC studio

  • 02.09.2024

    SYLVAIN partner kate spade new york debuts spring 2024 campaign

  • 02.05.2024

    SYLVAIN launches summer intern applications for 2024

  • 01.17.2024

    SYLVAIN partner, The Information, launches new website and identity

  • 10.30.2023

    Bloomberg’s Africa Business Media Innovators convenes in Cape Town, with Alain Sylvain included on an AI ethics in journalism panel

  • 10.26.2023

    Fast Company highlights the all new NBA In-Season Tournament, a collaborative effort from SYLVAIN and the NBA

  • 10.18.2023

    Business of Fashion highlights SYLVAIN’s work for Walmart

  • 09.25.2023

    Kate Spade’s Dakota launch campaign is out in the world

  • 09.11.2023

    SYLVAIN partner, Hilton, launches first Tempo hotel in NYC

  • 08.03.2023

    SYLVAIN’s brand strategy shows up in The New York Times' new campaign, “More of Life”

  • 07.25.2023

    SYLVAIN partner, the LA Times, unveils new multimedia platform, De Los

  • 07.18.2023

    Sherzad Rahmatian, SYLVAIN Partner, publishes a perspective on brands and cultural homogenization in The Next Web

  • 06.15.2023

    Alain Sylvain speaks at The Next Web in Amsterdam

  • 04.26.2023

    Alain Sylvain speaks on “Peak Innovation” at Web Summit Rio

  • 03.31.2023

    Alain Sylvain speaks at The Next Web in València

  • 03.20.2023

    Margo Husted joins SYLVAIN as CFO/COO

  • 03.20.2023

    Daniel Edmundson joins as SYLVAIN’s first Managing Director of Design

  • 03.13.2023

    Alain Sylvain publishes a piece on the myth of the American Dream in Fast Company

  • 02.22.2023

    Spotify launches ‘DJ,’ a new feature offering personalized music with AI-powered commentary

  • 02.21.2023

    SYLVAIN’s Kate Spade green campaign and packaging work is out in the world

  • 01.26.2023

    SYLVAIN comes together for Misfit Week 2023

  • 01.06.2023

    CEO Alain Sylvain is quoted in a Forbes op-ed, Why A Services-For-Equity Approach Can Be A Sound Business Model

  • 11.03.2022

    Alain hosts a talk on weaponized virtue at Web Summit 2022

  • 10.19.2022

    Joey speaks about nihilism in the workplace at Advertising Week NY 2022