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  • 04.04.2024

    Daniel Edmundson moderates AIGA New York panel, “Scaling the Strategy Spectrum”

  • 10.30.2023

    Bloomberg’s Africa Business Media Innovators convenes in Cape Town, with Alain Sylvain included on an AI ethics in journalism panel

  • 07.18.2023

    Sherzad Rahmatian, SYLVAIN Partner, publishes a perspective on brands and cultural homogenization in The Next Web

  • 03.13.2023

    Alain Sylvain publishes a piece on the myth of the American Dream in Fast Company

  • 01.06.2023

    CEO Alain Sylvain is quoted in a Forbes op-ed, Why A Services-For-Equity Approach Can Be A Sound Business Model

  • 11.03.2022

    Alain hosts a talk on weaponized virtue at Web Summit 2022

  • 10.11.2022

    Alain Sylvain is featured on B Lab’s Forces for Good podcast.

  • 08.24.2022

    Managing Director Joey Camire is featured on The Strategy Inside Everything Podcast

  • 06.16.2022

    SYLVAIN Senior Strategist Julie Lubbers writes about the new era of luxury for ANA’s Marketing Insights section

  • 06.08.2022

    Fast Company Executive Board included Alain Sylvain in a rebranding advice round-up

  • 04.19.2022

    Alain is featured on the Meet the CEO podcast to speak on emotional brand design

  • 03.21.2022

    Alain Sylvain comments on keeping up with tech in this Fast Company feature

  • 03.04.2022

    For Fast Company, Alain Sylvain writes about the limitations of hype, and what can happen when brands think about it differently

  • 02.17.2022

    In this op-ed for Quartz, Alain Sylvain questions why consultancies aren’t held to the same social and ethical standards as their clients

  • 01.25.2022

    Alain Sylvain offers advice about innovation timing in this roundup from Fast Company

  • 01.12.2022

    SYLVAIN is included in a Web Summit 2021 recap from Marketing Magazin

  • 01.11.2022

    The Washington Post’s The Lilly shares resume tips from SYLVAIN’s Katie Cowden

  • 12.29.2021

    SYLVAIN CEO Alain Sylvain contributes to selection of Business Insider’s 2021 Most Innovative CMOs

  • 12.21.2021

    In this op-ed for Fast Company, Alain Sylvain asserts that a focus on convenience is not only negligent, but harming brands

  • 12.06.2021

    In Quartz, SYLVAIN CEO Alain Sylvain explains how disposable culture is hurting brands

  • 11.03.2021

    Alain Sylvain speaks at Web Summit 2021 on the limitations of brand purpose

  • 04.29.2021

    SYLVAIN CEO Alain Sylvain discusses the emptiness of company purpose in this piece for Quartz

  • 12.07.2020

    In this piece for Quartz, Alain Sylvain considers how leaders should respond to collective trauma

  • 12.03.2020

    WeTransfer’s 2020 Ideas Report features a quote from Alain Sylvain on practicality v. vision