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    Directing a promising new offering for Spotify

    How do you grow from a streaming service into a world-class entertainment ecosystem? It began with exploring the possibilities of hi-fidelity audio as a new product category for Spotify and culminated with a go-to-market strategy based on a deep understanding of the music listening experience.

    Spotify partnered with us to enter into the hi-fidelity category, unlocking the essence of the modern audiophile in order to design a next-level listening experience.

    Not only are we able to capture deep psychographic insights, we are also able to compare them across commercial segments to pinpoint the perfect target audience.
    Informed by these comparisons we isolated those most likely—and loudly—to advocate for HiFi and decoded their motivations for doing so.
    Infographic: “58% describe themselves as extremely passionate”
    Infographic: “44% said spending time alone with my thoughts is how I solve my problems”


  • WNBA logo


    Asserting the WNBA’s rightful place in culture

  • MLS Next Pro

    MLS Next Pro

    Defining a new league to elevate North American soccer

  • Uber

    Infusing social impact into Uber’s business strategy

  • American Express

    Democratizing premium membership for small businesses

  • Andscape Billboard: Andscape, where blackness is infinite.


    Launching a global media platform where Blackness is infinite

  • Kate Spade

    Dreaming up a perfect day in the park for Kate Spade’s spring campaign

  • Anonymous

    Crafting a more inclusive approach to innovation

  • Terry Tsiolis

    Reframing beauty for Terry Tsiolis’ collection of open studio portraits