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    Launching a global media platform where Blackness is infinite

    Disney and ESPN came to us with ambitions to expand their content platform, The Undefeated, beyond sports in order to meaningfully connect with a rising generation of Black GenZ and Millennials.

    The Undefeated team had big ambitions for expansion—from moving into new mediums to covering a broader range of Black stories—but they needed a pointed, inspiring vision to galvanize internal teams and new audiences. We were charged with the question: How do you build a global brand that embodies the full complexity of the Black experience?

    Andscape Billboard: Andscape, where blackness is infinite.

    Inspired by Blackness and its complements, contradictions, and complexities; the brand is a fluid manifestation of expansiveness, creating infinite space for families, artists, chefs, athletes, authors, heroes… and so much more.

    Image credits: AP Photo/Wilbur Funches, John Patrick Fletcher, Larry Hulst, Cheris May/Ndemay Media Group

    Andscape out-of-home posting: “Here we enter sections that beg to be identified and edified. Traversing the multitudes of hues and moods and moves that Black embodies.”

    The creative campaign honors the Black gaze, elevating the familiar nuances of shared experiences to an intimate invitation.


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    Asserting the WNBA’s rightful place in culture

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    MLS Next Pro

    Defining a new league to elevate North American soccer

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    Infusing social impact into Uber’s business strategy

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    Democratizing premium membership for small businesses

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    Dreaming up a perfect day in the park for Kate Spade’s spring campaign

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    Directing a promising new offering for Spotify

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    Crafting a more inclusive approach to innovation

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    Reframing beauty for Terry Tsiolis’ collection of open studio portraits